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Fun Square#

Life gets entertaining and animated at Uplands-I.

Your favourite Disney characters are not just in your kid’s Disney themed bedroom, but in the Disney themed outdoor spaces too. The Fun Square at Uplands-I is an area spread over 72000 sq ft featuring an entertaining kids club.

It also features a 20-seater kids theatre themed with Disney stories such as Jungle Book, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean and many many more. Quite reassuringly, a lot of Disney stories come alive at The Fun Square. Kids will never want to leave. Special Disney inspired activities make The Fun Square what it is unadulterated fun.

* - "Golf Course & Golf Club are not part of the common amenities of Arvind Uplands-I and is an independent commercial entity. The residents of Arvind Uplands-I will be given the membership to use the Golf facilities as per the terms mutually agreed between the said residents and the owners of the Golf Course & Golf Club. The Golf related images depicted here are only representative images."

# - "Fun Square is not a part of common amenities for Arvind Uplands-I. Fun Square will be provided as an additional amenity as part of overall development under the Township."


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Site Address Arvind Uplands-I, Shilaj - Rancharda road
Nasmed near Rancharda